SRT- Thailand’s State Railway – 2nd class sleeper aircon

Written by Frank on January 13th, 2010

© 2010 Frank P. Schneidewind


The 2nd class A/C sleeper trains have newer rail cars, which were added obviously at a much later time to the SRT fleet as the outdated 3rd class cars and non-A/C varieties. Air conditioning here isn’t exaggerated, but feels like a comfortable 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. These rail cars aren’t attached and hence bookable for all trains, but the faster priority lines with 1st class cars available usually have these 2nd class sleepers as well.

The isles are wide and unobstructed by ladders or metal bars, the wagon is sealed by automated doors and in a reasonably clean shape. This, if you are lucky and not travel the Northeastern routes. Southern trains to Butterworth in general have the wider and better equipped rail cars, those with Sungai Kolok or Trang destination feature the same style interior as pictured in the 2nd class non-aircon section here. Fitted with air-conditions, they provide transport with comfort even in the hottest months of February to April, but with a lesser comfort than the rail cars pictured here.

Seats (for 1 person each) are comfortable and wide enough, during dinnertime, a folding table (stored in the floorspace) will be installed by SRT staff. A good sized pillow adds comfort and will be covered with a sparkling white cover for the switch to night mode. Upper bunks are folded away in the attic, out of sight.

Visible dirt is confined to floor spaces, the seating and sleeping areas are near immaculate on most rail cars of this style.

Curtains provide shade and overhead storage bins hold your luggage. Suitcases and bigger items can be placed under the seats.

A plug (220 Volt) is given in each railcar, their availability is limited as there are plenty of cellphones and PDAs or laptops and GPS receivers to be recharged. Bring a multi-plug adapter and secure your own power source, if you plan to watch movies or work.

Upper bunks have an attached folding ladder, all sleeping compartments have reasonable bedding and a light blocking curtain. The railcar stays illuminated at night and a guard makes sure that no loud vendors bother your trip.

Our declared choice of comfy rail travel!

Keep in mind, that lower bunks are ideal for a small kid with parent, they are wider and easy to access. The length is approximately 6 ‘ 2″(185 cm), with a width exceeding 3 ‘ (100 cm). Upper bunks are a little narrower,  but stable and support even full sized adults for a night’s rest.


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