Yasothon Rocketfestival – Stage Party

Written by Frank on October 29th, 2010

© 2010 Frank P. Schneidewind


The party on the roadside stages starts around 4 to 5 PM, each rocket team had a professionally built stage set up and was entertaining the crowd with loud music from massive loudspeaker walls or by live bands with huge amplifiers. The town of Yasothon was shaking!

Each group had also volunteers on the road below the stages for the purpose of giving drinks to onlookers and pedestrians. Hardly anyone stayed sober here!

As it gets darker, the fun and dancing escalates. On or off the stages, on the road and everywhere, the unlimited fun was unbelievable and very addictive. All party poopers must have left town, if there were any!


Our Team “We love Yaso” had a great success every year with their stage show. Khun Joe and Khun Wichai and their team had hired bands, singers and dancers for a show lasting well into the night.

Live bands were really talented and the musicians did their best, playing popular tunes.

The dancers were doing stage shows, which attracted a lot of people. Their very colorful costumes were changed several times during the night, each one a bit more sexy than the previous one!

Party revelers strolled the road up and down, the entire of downtown was blocked for any traffic since Friday. Friday night was their warm up to Bun Bang Fai, but on Saturday night there were thousands participating and having a joyful mega-party on those stages along Yasothon’s high street.

Other stages by other rocket-firing teams had their shows too, comedy shows, singing contests and all kinds of stage performances were thrilling to witness.

Some stages opted for a more classical style and everyone had their fans dancing to their tunes in front of the stage on the wide 4-lane main road in town.

Surely, our stage had the most beautiful dancers and the best music mix. When coming to Yasothon for the Rocketfestival, make sure to look out for the “We love Yaso” stage and team on the northern side of the road, close to a bank and the police box.

Team uniforms for the event were a must for each team. Proudly the colors were displayed by the various rocket teams. Every year a new and updated version of the team-shirts has been created. My own collection consists of six different ones from “We love Yaso”, each one means a lot to me.

Being with a team has certain benefits, most of them are very pleasant ones. I volunteered on occasion to guard the backstage area. That was where the pretty dancers changed their outfits! But gentleman, that I am, I turned my back to their dressing area, sending too drunken and eager youngsters away. No peeping was welcomed here, although many tried.

The beauties on the stages across town surely deserved more attention, it was a hot night for everyone. Temperatures at night never dropped below 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). But some huge, invisible fans cooled the performers and bands a little bit.

The spectators did not have the privilege of the breezes, as being generated by the electric fans. They had so many performances to watch during this festival, sometimes it must have been difficult for them to choose. Each stage was trying to outperform their neighbors in a friendly contest. Judges from the Bun Bang Fai council of Yasothon made the rounds on Friday and Saturday night. Winning stages and teams were going to be announced during the final event of the festival. The nationally broadcasted rocket firing at the Phaya Thaen Park on Sunday. We will cover that final event as well, but in a special report to follow soon here in SIAMPEDIA! Again with lots of photos. Should we have the time to go again, we will add short video clips as updates.

As the Saturday night turned into the Sunday morning, the main road and the stages showed first signs of battle fatigue. Alcohol consumption and a hot street party for hours took their toll. Only a few die-hards greeted the early morning sun in some areas. I went to get some badly needed sleep, slightly light-headed from the Thai Rum and Coke that tested so good with lots of ice and a slice of lime.

I picked up some snacks at the local 7eleven, before heading back to the hotel. A huge lady trailed me and was eager for company to party some more. I took a rain-check on that under cloudless skies. The coming day was full of action too. The rocket shootings were scheduled relatively early, although our team had a slot for just after midday.

Expect our final part of the Yasothon trilogy to be online within the next 7 days, check here for the first part on the colorful street parade!


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